Born out of passion to create luxury prêt and statement Indian pieces, Ekru was established in 2003 by two talented designers Ruchira Kandhari and Ekta Jaipuria.
Ekru’s become a pillar of Kolkata fashion circuit, after decades spent dressing the city’s elite. Ekru first rose to prominence for their sactorial choices and intricate embroideries, lauded in prominent magazines and press and best dressed lists.
While their latest firmly ensconced in Kolkata, Ekru itself continues to be a part of the National Fashion circuit, showcasing their ensembles in Indian Fashion Weeks.
Ekru has an in-house atelier and it believes in supporting the skilled Indian artisans, craftmens and weavers in their indigenous ways.
In 2014 Ekru opened their flagship store in an early 20th century building, painstakingly restoring a part of Kolkata’s heritage, blending Ekru’s artistic sagacity with the city’s own.

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